As much as we wish it were not true, the human experience is full of unsolved problems. Unfortunately, some of them are so deep-seated that we have come to believe they are permanent, inseparably locked into reality.

We sometimes perceive the person or community and their problem to be like a nut and bolt that have been rusting for a very long time. To try to free the two from one another would cause more damage than to just leave them as they are. Let life run its course as it will.

Consider how the problems, left as they are, eat away like ants at our wholeness as people and communities. Even when we think we are making headway at solutions, we often find that all we have done is handle the visible surface issues. Unseen are the deeply entrenched, underground realities that have pervasively tunneled their way in silence, seemingly beyond our reach.

mind map 2

Entrusted Foundation facilitates the conversations and processes necessary to define problems with honesty and clarity, so that we can design solutions collaboratively and creatively.

Then, we help to cultivate the atmosphere and mobilize the resources necessary for the life-creating success of those solutions. Our process follows a multi-layered approach of Research, Revelation, and Response.

In essence, problem solving in community is our way forward.

It is important to understand that the work of Entrusted Foundation isn’t just adding another non-profit helping Jane or Joe. So many are already engaged in that work. Our work as a foundation is seeing and facilitating the process of deeper, more extensive problem solving.

The challenge is that this level of problem solving IS big and nebulous, quickly becoming overwhelming. For example, Why are “best practices” actually not enough, yet called our best? Why do we settle for a ‘best” that still fails and make it difficult for new ideas to develop and get funded?

It is the nebulous nature that often hinders us as humanity from doing the kind of work necessary for deeper and more extensive problem solving. Conversation and exploration of this kind is hard to create and sustain…


Entrusted Foundation will do this work because it must be done.