One of the main aims of Entrusted Foundation is to foster seeing new information about human life problems that has not been seen previously. Extensive time overwhelmed by the unsolved problems of human life can lead to blocks and blinders.

Our experience and strength as a foundation is in facilitating conversations and collaborations for the purpose of problem solving. There is power in doing this work together through sustained, strategic approaches.

Entrusted Foundation brings…

chuck in meeting

…as we facilitate a journey of Research, Revelation, and Response. Our process for this work has five highly interactive stages:

Conversation for wisdom to understand,
of problems to solve,
of designs for solutions,
Cultivation of atmosphere for success, and
Mobilization of resources to create…

Communities and Nations of Life.

On the front end of this work is an abundance of questions, seeking information for clearly informed action. We’re not afraid of questions…LOTS of questions! The purpose of questions is to pursue answers, which is what we all want, right? Every question we ask is to explore further, deeper, and from multiple angles to gain more clarity and understanding.

As human-beings we tend to grow tired of the process of exploration. Often, we just don’t have time to keep that kind of work going and still do what we perceive to be the “real work” in front of us. That’s where Entrusted Foundation comes in.

More Details on our Approach:

1. Conversation for Wisdom to Understand – Entrusted Foundation is always having and facilitating conversations. When you have sharing and listening among a variety of people, there is much wisdom unpacked that leads to new levels of understanding. Humility is a key component to this work. Entrusted Foundation believes we can learn something from everyone who is passionate about a given problem being solved. We may not always have full agreement, but there is power in conversations that stir up what lies at the bottom of the problem at hand. It is also true that sometimes we just need to know someone else is diligently looking for answers to solve the same problems. We make sure these conversations don’t stop.

2. Exploration of Problems to Solve – Entrusted Foundation wants to see what we need to see so that we can solve what needs to be solved. We believe that one of the reasons we don’t solve many of the larger problems we face as humanity is because we don’t ask enough questions. We quit exploring what is going on and deem the problem elusive and impossible. Sometimes we just plain misdiagnose. Together, we explore layers of data, listening to a myriad of stories, from a variety of people to gain as much information as possible for problem defining.

3. Revelation of Designs for Solutions – Entrusted Foundation believes that what we see is what we respond to. Sometimes we don’t see what we need to see. Revelation is defined as “a surprising and previously unknown fact.” Those revelations are by definition brand new information. Think about it, if the unsolved problem is deep-seated, there is a need to see something never before seen, to understand things never before understood, in order to design solutions never before perceived. We also believe in a redemptive God who desires to show us some things that left to ourselves we will never see. An abundance of new solution possibilities await revelation!

4. Cultivation of Atmosphere for Success – Entrusted Foundation understands that there is an atmosphere necessary for the work of collaborative problem solving. That atmosphere doesn’t just happen. In fact, sometimes the greatest problems are the atmospheric conditions. There are also times when conflict, pain, and hardship produce stoney ground in a community or nation. Those stones can be used to throw, to build a wall, or to lay a pathway. Entrusted Foundation chooses and leads toward the pathway.

5. Mobilization of Resources to Create – Entrusted Foundation understands that in order for the designed solutions to happen, an abundant variety of resources are needed. From the collaborative journey of defining problems and designing solutions, connections are made, trusting relationships are developed, and resource mapping is accomplished. At this point, it is time for strategic mobilization of what and whom we know is there. Entrusted Foundation will also serve as an avenue for resourcing some of the collaborative solutions through grant funding.