LIFE – vitality, vigor; not dead; a principle or force that underlies the living; a way or manner of living

Who desires a city of death? No one! However, how many cities across the globe could be described as a city of life? We’re not talking about hustle and bustle busy in the day, and party-town vibrance at night. We’re talking about a city where everyone who has a hope for living well is living well, or is at least moving toward that quality of life. Those who are hopeless are being nurtured by hopeful, life filled people who desire good for them and they work to bring that good to a world that is broken.

As an example, every city has an area that just seems to always be battling to get ahead, if not simply survive. These areas are not just places and systems, but people, communities of any given mix of ethnicity, age, gender, faith, life-story, education…. The descriptive elements are abundant. What if there was a serious, collaborative, honest, strategic, and sustained investment by people from all necessary sectors of that city to shift the atmosphere of that struggling community from stagnancy and death, to an atmosphere that flows with a sense of life?

Sometimes the issues and problems are city-wide, such as affordable housing, suicide, domestic abuse, eating disorders, and too many others. What we see on the surface of the everyday lives of our neighbors is probably, in most cases, not even close to the real stories they are living out…maybe dying in.

Often what takes place with people and communities in need is the difference between shipping in sustainability instead of building in sustainability. It is like shipping in pallets of bottled water to a desert area instead of drilling new wells.

A City of Life city says, “We are going to start drilling new wells to build in sustainability and recover desert territories of our city. We are tired of the non-stop bottling up to ship in. We want our whole city to be full of life!”

That is the purpose of committing to the strategy and journey of becoming a City of Life. Drilling wells is difficult work. But, there is something about doing that work in community, ushering in the power of shared vision, collaborative action, and combined determination.

One plant is growing in dry ground, cracked, sprouted

City of Life is a multi-faceted, multi-phased vision and strategy for creating atmosphere, defining problems, designing solutions, revitalizing neighborhoods…creating life…all in collaboration as a community.

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