Since the late 1980’s our Founder and Chief Vision Navigator, Chuck Coward, has invested his life for the good of people and communities.

One day, in a meeting of community leaders, someone leaned across the table pointing a finger at Chuck and with twisted face declared,

“You know what your problem is? You’re an idealist!”

After a few gasps around the room and a gap of silence, with a smile, Chuck responded…

“Thank you.”

chuck coward

In his deepest being, Chuck believes in viewing the world through ideal lenses. It doesn’t mean he can’t see the broken, he just sees the broken differently.

After 35 years of investment of work in a variety of spaces providing learning, relationship building, exploring, pondering, wrestling, collaborating, helping, and creating…

…a vision for what has become Entrusted Foundation emerged. Chuck knows that problem solving in community is our way forward.

Dr. Chuck Coward has invested 35 years in fostering human and community development, and whole-person health. His work has been from a variety of places and roles including as a pastor, non-profit executive director, director of development, community facilitator, businessman, consultant, university professor, and as The Struggle Coach.

Chuck is a graduate of University of South Carolina (BS in Biology), Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity), and Portland Seminary (Doctor of Ministry). His doctoral work focused on Leadership in Emerging Culture. He holds Life Coach Certification through the Life Coach Institute.

In all of his work and study, Chuck’s heart has always focused on helping people and communities navigate their journey through life’s events and seasons into stronger, healthier places.